In the Beginning

The original idea for a bagless vacuum cleaner was born in the 1920s when John W. Newcombe invented the “separator”. Then in 1929, Green formed a new corporation named Rexair, meaning “King of the Air” and began producing, refining and marketing the Rexair Cleaner.

In 1936, T. Russ Hill joined Rexair. Inspired by street cleaners in Kentucky, Hill came up with the idea of incorporating water into the Rexair design, trapping dust and dirt. This innovation made the Rexair a unique and exclusive product. Rexair developed a new slogan: “Wet Dust Can’t Fly!™”

By the late 1930s, the Rexair was being hailed as more than just a vacuum cleaner. The Rexair’s ability to eliminate airborne dust in the home made life easier for allergy and hay fever sufferers, and soon medical professionals recognized it as a breakthrough product.

The birth of the rainbow

1955 brought about a dramatically improved Rexair Cleaner. With a sleek, streamlined design and a motor twice as powerful as its predecessor, Rexair executives decided to rechristen it the “Rainbow.”

In 1969, Rexair unveiled its new 100,000 square foot manufacturing facility in Cadillac, Michigan and an array of sophisticated product enhancements were designed – new attachments, the Power Nozzle and AquaMate, among others.

The new Rainbow D3 was launched in 1980, the first major model change in twenty years. With a new, cooler-running motor, the D3 was the first Rainbow approved for “wet pick-up.”

The latest evolution of a revolutionary product

In 2019, Rexair announced the launch of the all-new Rainbow SRX model. The result of more than three years of intensive research, development and testing, the SRX offers significant performance improvements over its predecessors, as well as considerable advancements relative to competitors’ offerings.

Boasting more than 20 new features and improvements, including a newly redesigned four-speed high performance motor, enhanced air cleaning